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Live Deliciously

One of my Live Deliciously moments are making breakfast tea time elegant!

Live + Delicious = VIVA-Licious

Do you live deliciously?  Do you know what living deliciously looks like?  Do you want to learn how to live a delicious life?  In living a like a D.I.V.A., it’s all about appreciating what you have experienced in your life; including the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.

Yes, I did say appreciate the Bad and the Ugly! It sounds crazy, right?

Living a delicious life means to be grateful for all those experiences.  I know, I know, I know……you’re thinking what about that jerk I dated, what about how my parents were so… fill in the blanks.

I’m sure you have plenty of hurts, I’m sure some days are tougher than others.  Imagine when you can finally put all that behind you.  To stop the devastating feeling your past constantly reminds you.

I found myself in the same predicament.  My mind would replay my worst feelings, sometimes it would feel like it happened yesterday.  My heart would ache as if no time had passed.  The honest truth my pain happened almost 10 years ago.

I finally had enough of replaying my pain. So during my, what I call my Pheonix Rising, I realized I can leave the past behind me and enjoy the present.  I spent so many days and nights in the past, I neglected the present.  I was actually on autopilot.

I was going through life like a zombie. It didn’t look like it from the outside. Everyone saw a woman full of life and adventure.  Moving from state to state, jet setting for a weekend jaunt to NYC or anywhere at a moments notice.  Always traveling and seeing the world.

Don’t get me wrong, I still had fun. I enjoyed every moment.  However, the real truth was I was running!!  Running away from my reality.  It was too painful to sit still.  It means I would have to be by myself and see me.  The me that felt alone, scared, and lost.

When I finally stopped to face the music I was too exhausted to run anymore.  My personal journey of self discovery allowed me to opportunity forgive myself.

I knew God forgave me, I learned that at an early age.  I searched and asked different churches, different pastors, looking for the answer.  None could tell me how to forgive myself. I knew in my heart God forgave me.  That wasn’t enough for me.

Once I finally learned to forgive myself, my life changed.  I stopped living in the past.  I started living for today.  I started to have hope for the future.  I was able to finally reconnect with my faith which is now stronger.  I discovered me, the true me!

Not the version my culture wants me to be, not the daughter I ought to be, not the friend I should be.  I found me just as I am.

This made me appreciate my past and how it has made me the woman I am today.  If hadn’t gone through that I wouldn’t be a survivor.  I wouldn’t be the warrior I am today.  I wouldn’t the compassionate woman I am today and so much more.

I began to be Daring and take risks in life, like being vulnerable and letting me be loved.  I discovered the things that Inspire me and realized how I have inspired others without ever realizing it.  Then I became grateful for all the good, bad, and ugly in my life.

At that moment, my life became an adventure.  I was not being influenced by situations which used to make me spiral out of control.

Life became an Adventure!

Life became Fun!

Life became Exciting!

Life became an Experience!

Life became Delicious!

This is when I realized I Live Deliciously………I call it living a VIVA-Licious life.

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