“I” In D.I.V.A.

His Spirit
The Dove is looking right at the camera

The I in D.I.V.A. represents Inspiration!

So What inspires you? Who Inspires you? Do you Inspire others? Do you find Inspiration in your surroundings, etc?

These days we get caught up on our everyday responsibilities, our families activities, social media, and attached to our handheld devices. Today’s society is at it’s peak of being connected globally due to the internet. Yet there is a huge disconnect with having a true connection with each other because of it.  I’m just as guilty as the next person of being attached to my cell phone.  We are all caught up in catching up electronically we forget to look up and see what’s around us. Inspiration comes from our surroundings and our experiences of where we are at in the present moment.

These days it’s critical to remain connected with the people, the places, and the sounds which surround us. I know for me that is when I am able to appreciate the beauty of others and my surroundings. It makes me see God’s awesome wonder. Start to appreciate the beauty life has to offer.

Inspiration is personal and only YOU can determine what inspires you. Maybe it’s a strong confident empowering woman, then again it can be the gentle soul helping someone unconditionally, it can even be a butterfly you see flying to on it’s journey to the next flower. Basically, it’s wherever you find inspiration. Only you can determine what inspires you.

If your reading this and wondering how you can find your inspiration, remember this, you too can learn to find inspiration in your everyday lives. Yes, you too can LEARN to see inspiration. First you have to have the willingness and be open to see it.

So I challenge you! Go out and find 5 things that inspire you today and share them with me.  I’d love to hear what you find out.


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