favicon.icoMy name is Myra, Chief Diva around these parts. I’m a certified life coach,  however, I consider myself a Lifestyle Enthusiast.  As a Lifestyle Enthusiast, my passion is experiencing every moment in life, experiencing the people in your life fully, and savoring every moment.  I believe in every experience we can learn so much about ourselves.

I help career women own their inner DIVA to live balanced and vivacious lives. Before I get into how that all works, let me tell you a little bit more about me.

I grew up in The Bay Area, as an only child. There weren’t many female mentors besides my mom and my grandmother (both were wonderful) and to be honest, I was a little sheltered (ok, maybe a lot sheltered).

I spent years wondering what my true calling was. I figured the medical field was a good place to land, so I worked in all aspects of it, including being a cardiovascular technologist, then a clinical specialist and medical devices sales. While doing this, I proved that I was an excellent performer on the job, I still wanted to help people, but how? What I did notice is:

1. I love working with people
2. I love the training and coaching aspects of my job
3. I made a great income helping others.

At the same time I was also juggling my professional life with my personal life, struggling to find balance in it all.

So, I went on a journey of personal development to seek out that balance. What I realized is – “Hey. I really want to support my fellow career women in finding their own balance!”

The answer was clear: life coaching was my new vocation and I realized how I wanted to support women!

I am proud to say I help career women learn to embrace their inner diva by creating The D.I.V.A. Method and help demystify the negative connotations of the word diva.  To allow women to give themselves permision to have a D.I.V.A. experience, so they can start living a D.I.V.A. Lifestyle.

A big part of who I am, are my passions, I call it my Fab Five!

  • My Faith
  • My Family
  • My Friends
  • Being a Foodie
  • Having Fun

Ladies where can my Fab Five happen? If you haven’t guessed it yet, it’s at the dinner table.  This is where everything happens from blessing and giving thanks for the food, to bonding relationships through quality time, have quality conversations, and quality food made from the heart.  The Italians got it right! Their meals are long because they are fully engaged with one another during their meals.   As you’ll notice I share my experiences and my passions on my Blog.

One of those passions is cooking.  I’ve had the pleasure of sharing ways I cook quick simple meals to busy individuals.  As women, we juggle so much – our jobs, our loved ones, our own personal needs.  We wear every hat under the sun.  Let’s face it, we make it look easy! However, inside we’re saying “How can I do one more thing?”

Let’s work together and let me show you how to make amazing meals quickly and simply.  So yo can have more time for yourself and your family.

If you can relate, let’s talk and Work Together.

I believe a diva deserves it all, without compromising your values or your family!