Let’s Work Together

The D.I.V.A. Experience – 12 weeks

Getting what you want is fun and challenging at the same time. I’m here to help you get you loving and hugging the D.I.V.A. inside of you and getting the results you desire in your life.  If you’re a woman looking to make a major transition in your career, life, or both, this is the plan for you.

When you sign up for The DIVA Experience you get:

  • One Hour Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Private Facebook Group where you can ask questions and engage.
  • Discover There is much more to you than your current career.
  • Realize your true Passion in life.
  • Experienc your life by being present this will support you in your self discovery journey, so you can start living a D.I.V.A. lifestyle.
  • The D.I.V.A. Wheel of Life exercise, a proven tool that helps career women assess where their current balance is and how to get to a level of balance that they want.
  • 3 DIVA Weekend Adventures where you experience yourself. 

All the D.I.V.A.’s are doing it.  It’s time to invest in yourself and start creating the life you’re meant to live, You’re Worth It!  This 12 week D.I.V.A. Experience is for you to be Daring, to be Inspired, to live a VIVA-licious lifestyle, and to Adore yourself.  Start experiencing your diva-licious life.

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The D.I.V.A. Bite – A la Carte 

Some ladies like to check in when they feel they need it.  Committing to a monthly program isn’t for everyone and that’s ok!  The Diva Bite is perfect for you!  Coaching and advice, on any area you would like to discuss or D.I.V.A. topic you like. Whatever you decide, we will work together as a team.

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The Savvy D.I.V.A. – Hawaii Residents

Private cooking classes. Teaching quick simple meals for the busy individual. This is a time for you to learn how to cook and enjoy great food. Private lessons or want to have a few friends over them I’m your gal. Let me take you and your friends on a journey of great simple meals you for to learn and enjoy. I provide the food to cook at your home and you simply learn and enjoy the experience.

Savvy Chocolate – Hawaii Residents

Experience the sensual pleasures of high quality chocolate. Learn the art of chocolate tasting, much like wine tasting, uses all your senses allowing you to be seduced. Once thought of as, “For the Gods, Royalty, and the Elite” Learn the history of chocolate, the proper way to taste high quality chocolate, and finally taste. Available for parties, women’s retreats, and as a girls night in.

Looking to have a private cooking class or have a chocolate soirée, contact me and together we can create an event for you and your guests.

Contact me at Myra@MyraGrefaldia.com to discuss your next private cooking classe and chocolate soirée event.