The D.I.V.A. Method

Most women are quick to to say, “I’m not a DIVA!” I’m guilty of doing the same thing. For years, I never wanted to be associated with being a diva. For me, being a diva meant being overbearing and demanding regardless of anyone’s feelings or opinions. 

One day in deep thought contemplating how I wanted to help others, The D.I.V.A. Method was created. 

It’s an acronym:

  • to be Daring When did you stop taking risks in life? 
  • to be Inspired – How to find your inspiration again or find what inspires you? 
  • to live Vivaciously – When you begin to have gratitude for all the good and bad of the past.
  • to Adore yourself – How are you honoring yourself?  Why did you stop honoring yourself?

Together, we explore how you can experience being a D.I.V.A. emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually.  This is why I believe being a diva isn’t all that negative.  I have met women, who everyday, are being Daring, being Inspired or Inspiring others, living with Gratitude for all that has occurred in their lives, and women who Adore themselves by honoring their true self. 

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